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React with how can I help you versus how can I hurt you. - Ken Poirot
Control and manipulation are not love; the outcome is a life of imprisonment ultimately leading to deep-rooted feelings of resentment. - Ken Poirot
You have not lived until you have fled a city in a country where you do not speak the language in the middle of the night. - Ken Poirot
Love is to give, commit, and trust completely; the courage to be vulnerable without the omniscience of another's virtue. - Ken Poirot
Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone. - Ken Poirot
Take out the garbage...true happiness comes from within not from without! - Ken Poirot
Wise people understand the need to consult experts; only fools are confident they know everything. - Ken Poirot
Wisdom comes from making mistakes, having the courage to face them, and make adjustments moving forward based upon the knowledge aquired through those experiences. - Ken Poirot
Hard work increases the probability of serendipity. - Ken Poirot
Time is a wave or a black hole could not bend it; humanity rides the crest of an infinite number of waves that are perceived as linear in their limited frame of reference. - Ken Poirot
True success is achieved by stretching oneself, learning to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. - Ken Poirot
Take Action: Success is not guaranteed but inaction will guaranty failure. - Ken Poirot
Nothing is more excruciating than hopelessly longing for lost love. - Ken Poirot
When you betray your own heart, you suffer for life. Always be true to your heart! - Ken Poirot
Keep trying; failures increase the probability of success. - Ken Poirot
Life is a crazy mixture of intoxicating cocktails. - Ken Poirot
The nicest people I meet in life are those who work hard for everything they have; the meanest people I meet in life are those who have everything handed to them. - Ken Poirot
People spend their entire lives searching the world for the pieces that will make them whole, yet those pieces are only found within them. - Ken Poirot
Good wins in the end because evil is a self-destructive, cannibalistic force that Inevitably engorges upon itself. - Ken Poirot
My selfie my life! - Ken Poirot
Even a blind man could see she is beautiful. - Ken Poirot
The greatest joy in traveling is seeing where you end up. - Ken Poirot
You are not sorry for what you did...you are only sorry for how it turned out for you. - Ken Poirot
Greatness is inspiring others to be their best. - Ken Poirot
By the time most people say 'I'm sorry' it is already too late. - Ken Poirot
Real life isn't purely filled with roses and rainbows. - Ken Poirot
A positive mindset alone in the absence of hard work will get you nowhere. - Ken Poirot
The best meals are those prepared by loving hands. - Ken Poirot
The saddest noise in the world is that of a heart breaking. - Ken Poirot
The best part of traveling is finding yourself. - Ken Poirot
Books and school are great for learning but there is no substitute for life and living to provide a real education. - Ken Poirot
The only thing limiting you is yourself. - Ken Poirot
Light can devour the darkness but darkness cannot consume the light. - Ken Poirot
The longer you remain distant, the deeper, wider, and darker the chasm becomes making it all the more difficult to bridge. - Ken Poirot
Give Compassion: Every day the average person fights epic battles never told just to survive. - Ken Poirot
Never quit on your dream, but learn to cut your losses and quit your plan if it is not working. - Ken Poirot
One act of betrayal can shatter a lifetime of trust. - Ken Poirot
Motivating others leads to success whereas inspiring others leads to greatness. - Ken Poirot
The Six Steps to Success: 1) Define Success 2) Devise a Plan 3) Execute and Overcome Adversity 4) Measure Results with Key Metrics 5) Revise the Plan 6) Work Hard - Ken Poirot
Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that today will be the best day of your life. - Ken Poirot
When your soulmate cries your heart weeps. - Ken Poirot
No matter how much time and space may come between us, I still feel you. - Ken Poirot
A job is the ultimate pyramid scheme. - Ken Poirot
The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way. - Ken Poirot
The worst feelings are the warm, anxious burning that portends your heart breaking followed by the wave of numbness that asphyxiates your soul. - Ken Poirot
The definition of tragedy is when people do not communicate yet struggle to conceal the pain. - Ken Poirot
Apparently the rarest commodities on earth are truth and honesty. - Ken Poirot
Isn't it ironic that a nightmare can masquerade as a dream? - Ken Poirot
Programming your mind with positive thoughts each day will go a long way to keep you from allowing external criticism to detail your dreams. - Ken Poirot
Part of the journey in life is slipping and falling along the way; in these times true friends are the ones who pick you up and dust you off. - Ken Poirot
Gifts are temporary and often forgotten; love is forever and always remembered. - Ken Poirot
Life is a journey with almost limitless detours. - Ken Poirot
Love transports mortal beings to the existential plane of spiritual eternity transcending the emotional, mental, and physical limitations of an inaccurately perceived finite existence. - Ken Poirot
Life is a journey with almost limitless possibilities. - Ken Poirot
Life has a plan for each of us; we may not understand the whys on our journey but every event is meaningful nonetheless. - Ken Poirot
The first step forward is to admit your fear, then you can take the next step to conquer it. - Ken Poirot
Time is but an illusion created by beings with limited perception. - Ken Poirot
Live your life without ever having to ask, 'What if? - Ken Poirot
The only time that exists in life is now. - Ken Poirot
You never know what you will find in your pants! - Ken Poirot
No good ever came from not talking. - Ken Poirot
If not me then who? Confront evil! - Ken Poirot
Some journeys can only be traveled alone. - Ken Poirot
success awaits those who steadfastly commit to any requisite sacrifice - Ken Poirot
Incorporate daily programs on positive thinking as a counterbalance against the negativity you may encounter in pursuit of your dreams. - Ken Poirot
Anyone can perform good deeds for an audience; the best among us do their greatest work when no one is present to bear witness. - Ken Poirot
Success is three parts hard work and one part serendipity; this serendipity is a direct result of the other three parts of hard work. - Ken Poirot
At that darkest moment, while drowning in the Abyss of Emotional Bankruptcy, reflect on this universal truth: the difference between success and failure is one more time. - Ken Poirot
Be Courageous: Succeed or Fail Monumentally! - Ken Poirot
When someone refuses listening to reason disaster will surely follow. - Ken Poirot
Ever day someone somewhere in the world is quoting me. - Ken Poirot
You were meant to be right here right now...so make the most of it! - Ken Poirot
Even the most beautiful girl in the world becomes unsightly without depth of character. - Ken Poirot
In a job you trade your freedom and time for money. - Ken Poirot
The only thing worse than unrealized hope is no hope. - Ken Poirot
You have value and you deserve better. - Ken Poirot
Often in life those seemingly ordinary moments hold the most extraordinary meaning. - Ken Poirot
Happiness is surrounding yourself only with those who bestow their unconditional love and support. - Ken Poirot
True love is built on free will and free choice, not control and manipulation. - Ken Poirot
We cannot change the past. We can only take action in the present and, therefore, change the future. - Ken Poirot
My life my selfie! - Ken Poirot
True beauty is a warm heart, a kind soul, and an attentive ear. - Ken Poirot
Avoid and ignore the idiots who try to bring you down in life; they are not worth your time. - Ken Poirot
I help people achieve their dreams. - Ken Poirot
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